Why do I specialize in Newborn Photography?

I often get asked why I specialize in Baby and Newborn Photography - pretty much every session, and I LOVE being able to explain just why I am where I am! There are dozens of reasons as to why I have chosen to work specifically with babies, but here are a few of my most important reasons. One of the reasons is a fairly obvious one - I love babies! I have had an interest and passion for them since I was a little girl myself. When I was a child, I found myself reading up on babies, infants, and children in our families home encyclopedia's (does that date me much?!). My mom noticed how curious I was and started to gift me books about infants and why they do the things they do. She also started purchasing creative books of infant photography. (Think: Anne Geddes in the 90's- anyone remember her?). My curiosity did not stop in childhood and I eventually went to college and majored in - you guessed it - Early Childhood Development and Child Psychology!

I feel that it is important for babies to be taken to specialists in their field. When you take your baby to a doctor, you don't just take them to a General Practitioner, you take them to a pediatrician - someone who specializes in babies. When your child needs braces, you don't take them to a general dentist, you take them to a orthodontist that specializes in malocclusion (irregularly placed teeth). I strongly believe the same concept of occupation specialization applies to photographers. There are many photographers who do a little bit of everything, weddings, family, kids, babies, corporate, etc, but most photographers don't just shoot newborns. Newborn photography is one of the more challenging branches of photography - one that requires a great deal of safety training and infant knowledge in addition to creative intuition.

New life is an incredible thing to witness. New life that came from us, though, always seems to affect us on a much deeper level. Suddenly, when our precious little one is born, our understanding and experience of love grows in ways that we never thought possible. It is my pleasure and my absolute joy in life to be able to create memories that help you capture those feelings of love and awe. The radiating love I feel from clients as they experience their newborn or baby session is reason enough for me to keep going for eternity. It is my goal to create photographs that stand the test of time and instantly transport you back to those first few weeks of falling in love with your new baby. Love is one of the most powerful things in our lives - it is my job to help freeze these wonderful and fleeting moments for you to cherish for a lifetime! merriwillow baby, merriwillow photography, charleston photographer, charleston baby, charleston baby photography, charleston kids, charleston newborn photographer, charleston photography, summerville newborn photography, summerville photographer, newborn photography, charleston newborn photography, charleston family photpgraphy, charleston babies, charleston newborn, charleston sc newborn, charleston newbornstudio, MUSC photographer, MUSC newborn photography, mount pleasant photographer

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